• Ferrous Castings

    From 1 to 4500 lbs castings in a variety of ferrous alloys including duplex stainless steels. Casings are manufactured and designed for all industries.

  • Patterns

    Precision pattern making using traditional methods and 3D CNC processes.

  • Casting Simulation

    Pushing the technology boundaries that others are still struggling to learn. The future is great. We have already simulated it.

  • Machining

    Add value to your castings with a full spectrum of machining capabilities and options. Turn your project into a turnkey project.

  • Non-Destructive Testing

    A full line of testing is available for added assurance including liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiography.

  • Inspection

    High tolerance dimensional inspection of patterns and castings using state of the art metrology using a FARO arm with laser scanner.

  • ASME Certified Welding

    For each Alloy that we pour there is a weld procedure. All stick and MIG procedures are qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX.

  • Heat Treating

    PLC controlled furnaces ensure accurate cycles. Heat temperatures and times are stored electronically for traceability and verification.

  • Sand & Shot Blasting

    The appropriate blast medium is carefully selected for each alloy and casting to ensure a consistent and superior surface finish.